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American Society of Dowsers (ASD)

Who Started The American Society of Dowsers (ASD)?

In 1961 eleven business professionals, most of whom were skilled dowsers, signed the application for the charter to become a nonprofit organization.

Even though they had been subjected to skepticism and ridicule, they knew from their experience, that dowsing was successful in helping people in many ways.

The ASD understands that research remains to be done before dowsing will be accepted by the scientific community - and others.

Throughout the U.S. and Canada and England are many chapters associated with the ASD, who schedule meetings for the curious, learners, teachers and professionals.

Their Objectives
To give dowsing a stature of dignity and authority.
To win respect and recognition for its great worth.
To help members with their dowsing problems.
To give assistance, guidance and encouragement to beginners.
To disseminate knowledge and information about dowsing to the general public.

The ASD Encourages Freedom Of Expression
They hold no corporate views on the nature of dowsing.
They do not favor one technique or tool over another.

ASD Contacts
web site:

Office: 1-802-684-3417 (Mon - Fri 9 to 5) (EST)
(ASD does not have a toll-free number, because they are a non-profit organization, whose income generally comes from membership fees and book sales.)

Bookstore: 1-802-684-3826 (Tue - Sat 10-5) (EST)
The ASD bookstore has many books, tools and miscellaneous items available for purchase.
Order an ASD catalogue and ASD Quarterly Digests ($2 for 1 / $5 for 3 / $15 for 10)
ASD has many back issues from Nov 1984. (They are never too old!)

Mail: P.O. Box 24, Danville, Vermont 05828

Become A Member
Membership fees are not usually required by the Chapters.
The Sonoma County Chapter encourages participants to join the ASD.

When a person joins the ASD ($40.00 annually for an individual, with other options available.), a wonderful benefit is to receive the American Dowser Quarterly Digest, which has amazing stories written by professional dowsers and others. These stories are a great way to gain further understanding.

Join the Digital Dowsers (Free)
Receive daily or weekly e-mails by subscribing to the Digital Dowsers.
Send an e-mail to (digitaldowsers-request@photon.

Attend Chapter Meetings
There are at least 13 ASD Chapters in California and many more throughout the US and Canada. If a person wants a short dowsing class, that usually can be arranged before or after the main meeting.

Sonoma County Dowsers
Call Dianna (707-575-9237)
Leave your name, e-mail & phone # in order to receive the next "invitation".

Attend A Conference (West Coasat Dowsing Conference, School, Workshops & Tour)
Go to: for details regarding July 4th - 9th, 2008
held at U.C. Santa Cruz, College VIII.
On campus housing and meals (Minimum Stay of two nights in apartment-style suite
for 4 participants
Daily walk-in available
Check out speakers and their websites. There are certainly several you won't want to miss!

Members of ASD get a conference discount. (There is a cutoff date to qualify for it.)

Who Can Dowse?
Dowsers believe everyone is born with the capability to dowse.

Children up to the age of 15 or 16 are almost universally sensitive and able to experience the mystery and excitement of dowsing.

It has been established that in any group of 25 adults, who have been properly trained, two to five of them will get "correct answers", which have been predetermined by the instructor.

Others may have to practice for a week or two before they manifest what many dowsers believe is a birth-right ability.

How May I Learn To Dowse?
There are many seasoned ASD member dowsers, who enjoy sharing their techniques with students.

Of the many enlightening books in the ASD catalog on dowsing,
The ASD suggests A Letter To Robin by Walter Woods as a comprehensive beginning book.

Dowsing instructors often begin teaching students by showing them how to dowse for underground flowing water.

Those who take the time to learn and practice will discover they can dowse.
Then they are on the threshold of new and challenging experiences.

Dowse every day
Dowsing is extremely useful and a lot of fun.
Dowsing is like exercise.
The more you do it, the stronger and better you become.
You will sense the potential.
Dowsing can take you as far as your sensitivity allows.
You will develop a natural communication with the earth and its inhabitants.
As soon as you develop confidence in the dowsing experience, you automatically begin to develop selectivity.

Some people become excited about exploring geomancy, which is the relationships of natural hills, waterways and earth surface features and energies.

Some people become excited about exploring feng-shui, the study of placement of a home or office and furnishings to facilitate order.

Some people become excited about labyrinths, which are ancient "magical/spiritual" paths that can bring balance, playfulness, spiritual connectedness, and healing to those who walk it.

Some people become excited about exploring energy ley lines, which are natural flows of cosmic energy called "power centers".

You may want to understand an aspect of living on this infinitively wondrous planet that others have not focused on.

Everyone has the same opportunity to contribute to their own or other's knowledge.

If you embark on this path you will find the experience of dowsing a true pioneering adventure.

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