Sunday, March 9, 2008

What Can I Dowse For?

Answers to almost any yes or no question, like ...

The state of your health.
(You do not diagnose an illness, but you can discover contributing factors.)
Choose the best health modality (acupuncture, massage, herbs, and more.)
Choose supplements, herbs or foods.
Determine the amount or dosage and frequency.
Determine if you have allergies or sensitivities.
Determine if food is fresh enough to eat.
Check the compatibility of individuals in a business or personal relationship.
Check a person's spiritual, emotional, intellectual, sexual, energy levels,
sense of humor, goals, value system and more.
Locate missing people, animals or objects.
Determine if food in the oven is done.
Choose which colors are best to wear each day.
Choose the best color to paint the walls in a room to achieve a specific effect.
Choose the best home/car/pet/vacation/career/location to move to/menu item.
Decide what movie you would most enjoy or learn the most from.
Determine if a substance will antidote a homeopathic remedy.
Locate sewer pipes, gas lines and electrical wires.
Diagnose car trouble.
Where can I locate potable drinking water, including the volume, direction, depth and quality.
Where should I plant a tree or garden for the greatest benefit of the plants.
Determine the diseases of plants & find the best remedies to restore them to health.
Is the plant getting too much water, too little, too much sun or needs nutrients.
Where to locate or not locate a septic tank.
Determine directions 'which way is north' .
Determine the best route to your destination during rush hour.
Locate precious metals (gold and silver) and other metals.
Choose an affirmation.
These are only examples of possibilities.
Be creative.

In addition:
Kinesology is another form of dowsing.
So is your intuition.

When you ask questions, are confident of the answers, fear disappears!

One disappointment:
Dowsing for winning lottery numbers or other materialistic advantage does not work.

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