Monday, March 10, 2008

What Is Dowsing?

Dowsing is an ancient skill that people from many cultures have used to tap into ageless natural knowledge.

Perhaps you have known or heard of a person who "witched" for water with a forked stick. The term came from the belief that a person who found water this way was a witch.

For thousands of years finding water was the prime activity of dowsers. In the 1950s a few curious professionals explored other possibilities. They discovered that dowsing can deliver a remarkable variety of information that is not available to the conscious mind.

Science has not been able to explain it. However, there has been one scientific study of water dowsing in arid regions, which was published in the Journal of Scientific Exploration. To refuse to explore the unexplainable simply because it cannot presently be explained is unscientific. That's what scientists do - continually ask questions and seek answers, but someone or some company has to care about spending a lot of money to pay for the research!

Many professional dowsers have written books about dowsing, but the explanations about it is still not satisfactory for those who are skeptical.

Dowsing is a physical process combined with conscious intention that many believe is connected to a person’s subconscious. For the practiced dowser the information received is verifiable, honest and accurate an amazing percentage of the time.

The quest for answers regarding our life on this planet continuously unfolds. With a desire to explore the mystery of dowsing, a person benefits by experiencing an increased sensitivity and awareness of the oneness of all life and the magnificence of the universe.

Dowers are curious people who allow their minds to be open to possibilities …

who learn how to “ground” themselves or go into an Alpha state of mind to ask questions and receive answers.

who learn to use “tools” such as a pendulum, L-rod, bobber, Y-rod or their hand, which have generally replaced forked sticks.

who learn how to ask sincere questions that can be “answered” with a yes or no,

who practice the techniques and continue to be amazed by the results.

Young people are able to grasp the concept very quickly. (Ask Dianna if you want to view the video "Kids Learn Dowsing".)

An adult may choose to read A Letter To Robin - a Mini-Course In Pendulum Dowsing written by master dowser Walt Woods for a woman, who had written to him asking some very interesting questions about dowsing.

To actually experience verifiable answers, dowsing may take several weeks of consistent practice - or the ability may happen very easily. It may depend upon how soon a person can get their conscious mind out of the way and into a calm, relaxed, expectant state of mind.

For those people who are willing, dowsing has expanded their perceptions beyond three-dimensional limitations and given them the opportunity to achieve peace of mind.

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